Choosing the Best Music for Phone Calls

Choosing the Best Music for Phone Calls

Almost everyone and every business has some sort of music genre playing in the background. Some people use it as a method to distract you, keep you in a certain store longer and buy more things, other people use it to fill some silence with a nice melody in the back of your mind. There are many best on hold music? What should you play when you are on the phone and don’t want the other person to sit in silence while you do what you have to do? The answer to that lies below in this story.

A lot of the time, a business phone conversation consists of truthfully 10 minutes of actual talking, maybe. And the rest of the time is spent on hold. Clients and costumers spend most of the phone call waiting for someone to pick up or waiting for the other line that they have been transferred to pick up, if it weren’t for on hold music then they would be stuck in silence for at least 40 minutes until being redirected to the correct line they need to talk to. The key to picking the right on hold music is to make sure that the beat in the music is catchy enough it will keep the caller entertained long enough to stay on the line but not too annoying and repetitive so that way the caller will not get fed up with hearing the same 3 beats over and over for an hour and hang up.

In past studies that people have done, the callers with no hold music or repetitive hold music usually hang up before actually speaking to anyone. While people with the right hold music stay on the line as long as they are asked to. It is a vital part of the phone call process, you need to have the right kind of music or you are going to lose that potential client.

Depending on what kind of conversion is waiting for the client on the other end of the on hold line is going to determine what kind of music you need to choose. There are a lot of different genres of music and all of them help in some way, shape, or form. Jazz helps relax people and so it is used in a lot of on hold lines. Rap helps with depression and classical keeps something playing that is soothing and won’t make your ears bleed. It can also help calm someone down, so if they are going to be on hold for a long time, the classical music can help keep them sane so when they talk to someone, they won’t be on their last straw. They will actually have some patience to talk the other person and have a conversation with them So, the best choice for on hold music is going to be whatever music is best fitted for your company. But you can never go wrong with classical.