Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in modern creative professions. There are a lot of reasons a growing number of companies are turning to AI technology. One poll showed that 61% of companies found that AI and machine learning were their best data investments.

One of the industries that is evolving by adopting new AI tools in web design.

Here is a fact that you should consider. According to content marketing statistics, 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business, which is probably why you’re here. AI is crucial to helping these companies use these new images.

How AI is Changing the Nature of Web Design

Mirza Irfan of Usability Geek discussed some of the benefits of AI in web design. These benefits include improving UX and creating ADI (artificial design intelligence) solutions).

If you’re a web designer or

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Inflation and an impending recession are two huge challenges facing the restaurant industry today. But could artificial intelligence be the solution to both of these problems? Let’s take a look at how AI could help restaurants survive and even thrive in spite of these challenges.

Many factors are contributing to inflation, including the rising cost of labor and the cost of food. This combination is putting pressure on restaurants’ bottom lines, as they have to either raise prices or absorb the costs themselves. 

In either case, it’s going to be difficult for restaurants to maintain their profit margins. But AI can help.

Before diving into how AI can play a part in the restaurant industry, let’s first discuss the problems faced by the restaurant industry:

Problems faced by restaurant

Rising gas prices

The cost of running a restaurant is going up due to the rising price of gas. In

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AI technology has radically changed the future of many industries and is changing the way companies do business forever. Most of the discussions on the benefits of AI focus on helping traditional businesses boost their bottom line. In our capitalist economy, this is not surprising.

However, AI also offers many benefits for nonprofits. Dr. Lobna Karoui of the Forbes Nonprofit Council wrote an article on the many excellent benefits of AI. She cites a poll stating that 89% of nonprofit leaders believe AI technology can make a huge difference in their field. Karoui further asserts that AI can help nonprofit leaders improve efficiency and expand their reach. One of the biggest benefits pertains to fundraising.

Fundraising for humanitarian purposes is more challenging than the average person thinks. In many cases, a non-profit organization will spend a considerable chunk of the money they receive from a donor to find a new

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The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered the marketing landscape, and in many ways for the better. While live streaming and video marketing have long been a part of a marketers toolkit, the prolonged lockdowns, social distancing, and travel bans over the course of the pandemic helped thrust it into the limelight, resulting in widespread adoption and since making it indispensable for business. 

This quick adoption, and seamless integration into the marketing workflows of global organizations was largely made possible by the substantial advances in AI, especially in recent years. While often being subtle and detectable, these advancements have since paved the way for mainstream adoption of live streaming of video marketing and webinar content, with no going back to the old ways for most teams. 

Why Run A Webinar At All?

Even though webinars have been around since the early-2000s, the core crux of B2B marketing and enterprise sales still

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Business IntelligenceAll businesses, no matter the industries they are part of, need to extract meaningful info from knowledge. Because of the involvement of multiple supply programs (CRM, Provisioning system, Billing, Mediation methods etc.), it becomes more and more troublesome to identify the correct supply system for varied information fields. Identification of the proper knowledge source and mapping to DIL fields consumes majority of the implementation time. If the information supply mapping is incorrect, then the subsequent steps of implementation (modeling, analysis) may even be erroneous. Subsequently, special care must be taken during the information gathering train.

Whereas flashy or unique purposes of synthetic intelligence (AI) and different related automation approaches get a lot of press, there are a lot of easy AI approaches that yield enterprise value. The important thing to success in AI is an consciousness of what applied sciences suit your organization needs. Making use of AI technology and …

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