US Relocation Moving Checklist

When a person has decided to relocate there is so much they must do as part of this move. To help make the move an easier process a person should use a US relocation checklist to make the moving process easier and make sure nothing was overlooked.

Discontinue Services

A person should call some of their utility companies and service they may have and give them a date when their home will be empty and services will no longer be needed. If a person has natural gas service this should be stopped as well as electrical services. The water company should be contacted and this service can be stopped or discontinued. They should also stop their cable and internet services as well as any newspapers or local deliveries. This way a person will not pay for services they will not be using at that location.

Change Address

A person should first notify the post office that they are moving and leave their new address so mail can be forwarded to it. Any local taxation offices need to be notified. A person should also give their bank the new address. If they a moving far away, they may want to close the bank account and find a bank that is closer to their new location. If they are working with a national bank they need to be given the new address.

Insurance Companies

A person will need to contact their renters or homeowners’ insurance company. They can stop service or they can transfer the coverage to their new home. They also need to contact their car insurance company for a change of address and location where the car will be kept. If a person has life, health, or other insurance they must also contact them to update the address.


When moving a person has to be sure to go to the DMV. They need to change their address on their driver’s license as well as their registration information. Many people overlook this but it is important to change this information right away.


A person needs to tell their doctor, dentist, and other healthcare professionals that they are moving. It is wise to get a copy of medical reports and related information. If a person is on prescription medications they need to make arrangements so the transfer of medical records to the new doctor will be simple and easy.

Disconnect the Appliances

Before a person moves, they need to defrost the refrigerator and freezer. They also need to disconnect the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. This will help save the pipes and will make it easy to move if they are coming along. When turning off the appliance also turn off the water heater and any gas connections that go into the home.

Look Around

A person may forget some things if they do not look around the home for one last time. they need to check the attic, garage, and basements to make sure nothing value or wanted is still there. Check all of the closets and other areas of storage to make sure everything is packed and ready to go.

These are some common things that a person may forget to do when they are relocating. There is so much going on it is easy for some of these things to slip by. This checklist will help a person get their thoughts together and will help them make sure everything is ready by moving day.

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