3 Tips for Screening Potential Employees

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Hiring and training new employees is an expensive and time-consuming process. Nobody wants to waste a lot of time and money by hiring the wrong people. These three tips can help you screen job applicants and make better hiring decisions.

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1. Get a Background Check

It is important to hire people you can trust and that will fit in with your organization. It can be difficult to get a complete picture of how trustworthy a person is by doing an interview or two and many employers are hesitant to provide reference information other than dates of employment. Background checks Rochester NY can help you uncover any issues in a potential employee’s past and verify that the information they have provided to you about their qualifications for the job is the truth. 

2. Do a Phone Screen

Resumes are a good place to start for weeding out applicants who are clearly not qualified for the position, but you probably do not have the resources to interview every person who sends in a decent resume. A phone screen can help you evaluate the candidates and make a shortlist of people to interview in person. 

3. Check Social Media

Most job applicants will try to present themselves in a fashion that they think makes them appear to be a good fit for your company. Observing the way they interact with people on social media can give you a clearer picture of how well a candidate will fit in with your company culture. 

Taking the time to carefully screen job applicants before making a hiring decision can save you significant time and money by reducing the potential of having to fill the position again if a new hire does not work out. These three tips can help you find the right person for the job.